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“觀景台” - 指兩幢大廈的頂部 - 也將設有水療中心,夏季酒吧和橘園居民放鬆

倫敦市市長鮑里斯·約翰遜已拋出了他的身後這裡顯示 Ballymore 房地產開發商推出推出倫敦城市綠島計劃重
A'觀景台' - 在兩棟大樓的頂層 - 會還設有水療中心,夏季酒吧和橘園居民放鬆。
使館花園 - 作為新的開發將被稱為 - 將會看到構造兩個公寓樓之間的“橋樑”游泳池
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A "sky pool" that will appear to float in the air ten storeys up, has been unveiled for a new devlopment by property developer Ballymoore in the Nine Elms, district of London.
The pool will measure around 25m long, and will allow pedestrians passing underneath to watch swimmers above them.
The glass will be around eight inches thick, with the water around four foot deep. Unfortunately for swim fans who aren't planning on buying an apartment there, only residents of the building will be able to use the pool.

An artist's impression shows the transparent and structure free swimming pool will be 25 metres long, five metres wide and three metres deep.
A 'Sky Deck' - at the top of the two buildings - will also feature a spa, summer bar and Orangery for residents to relax.
Swimmers in the pool can enjoy a view of the Palace of Westminster as they practice their front crawl. 
It's part of the ongoing devlopment of Nine Elms, which will also see the new American Embassy built on the site. 
Embassy Gardens - as the new development will be called - will see the swimming pool constructed as a "bridge" between two apartment blocks
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