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Annual house price growth picks up in September whilst regional divergence grows

Nationwide the worlds largest building society and mortgage provider , has just updated its UK, house price index report > 

UK house prices increased by 0.5% in SeptemberUK annual house price growth increased to 3.8% in SeptemberLondon house price growth increased to 10.6% in Q3 

Commenting on the figures, Robert Gardner, Nationwide's Chief Economist, said:

“UK house prices increased by 0.5% in September, with the annual pace of house price growth picking up modestly to3.8%, from 3.2% in August.

“The data in recent months provides some encouragement that the pace of house price increases may be stabilising close to the pace of earnings growth. However, the risk remains that construction activity will lag behind strengthening demand, putting upward pressure on house prices and eventually reducing affordability.

“Indeed, in recent months surveyors have reported historically low levels of properties for sale and increased new buyer enquiries. Therefore it is unsurprising that most surv…

Labour conference: Sadiq Khan >"I'm going to make the election a referendum on London's housing crisis"

Sadiq Khan MP recently on social media

Sadiq Khan told the Labour conference that he would make the 2016 mayoral contest "a referendum on London's housing crisis".

The London mayoral candidate recalled buying his own home at the age of 24, but said young people today could not afford to do so, and that some were forced out of the capital by rising prices.

Speaking about a housing bill due to introduced next month, the Tooting MP said: "I will do everything I can to stop this bill.

He went on to say, home ownership is falling each year , and especially Londoners were feeling the brunt,flats were also sold off to overseas investors.

A new team housing experts would be set up,forcing big property developers to make 50% of new homes affordable, incorporating it into his manifesto framework, as mayor for London.    

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Taylor Wimpey CEO Peter Redfern will lead Labour Housing Redfern Review

What Jeremy Corbyn's leadership victory may mean for housing policy in …

Taylor Wimpey CEO Peter Redfern will lead Labour Housing Redfern Review

Shadow Housing and Planning Minister John Healey (pictured above) at the Labour Party Conference is to undertake an independent review into home ownership, led by Peter Redfern, Chief Executive of Taylor Wimpey.

Redfern( pictured below). will be joined by an expert panel of major figures from housing and economics.

• Dame Kate Barker CBE, a Senior Adviser to Credit Suisse
• Terrie Alafat, the Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing CIH
• Ian Mulheirn, the Director of Consulting at Oxford Economics

“I was very pleased to be asked to take part in this review because CIH is committed to helping to develop effective housing policy informed by evidence and the experience of housing professionals. We’re keen to work with people from across the political spectrum to explore every opportunity to make that happen.” Terrie Alafat CEO CIH (pictured above)

John Healey MP used his speech to Labour Party Annual Conference to launch the new independent review named "The Redfern Review &…

Breaking the tragedy of the horizon – climate change and financial stability - speech by Mark Carney

I’m grateful to Lloyd’s for the invitation to speak tonight on the occasion of the first City Dinner held in this magnificent, eponymous “Room”. Lloyd’s is the bedrock of the UK insurance industry. An industry whose direct contribution to the UK economy is impressive: 300,000 high-paying jobs and £25bn in annual GDP. Its economic contribution goes much deeper. 

Insurance supports households, companies and investors, safeguarding them from perils they could not otherwise shoulder. It matches long-term savings and investment, financing the infrastructure essential to productivity. With its unique perspective and skill set, insurance diversifies the financial system and reinforces its resilience. Since 1688 Lloyd’s has, in the great tradition of the City, served both the UK and the world, providing protection against the perils of the age; helping enterprise and trade to thrive. From its origins in marine insurance, the Lloyd’s market has evolved constantly to meet the needs of a rapidly …

Foster + Partners New York is one of 30 finalists in Mars habitat design competition

Foster + Partners New York’s design for a modular habitat on Mars has been shortlisted amongst 30 finalists for the 3D Printed Habitat Challenge organised by America Makes and NASA. The design outlines plans for a settlement on Mars constructed by an array of pre-programmed, semi-autonomous robots prior to the eventual arrival of the astronauts. The design of the habitat – carried out in collaboration with industrial and academic partners – envisions a robust 3D-printed dwelling for up to four astronauts constructed using regolith – the loose soil and rocks found on the surface of Mars.

The proposal considers multiple aspects of the project from delivery and deployment to construction and operations. The habitat will be delivered in two stages prior to the arrival of the astronauts. First, the semiautonomous robots select the site and dig a 1.5 metre deep crater, followed by a second delivery of the inflatable modules which sit within the crater to form the core of the settlement. Give…