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Labour conference: Sadiq Khan >"I'm going to make the election a referendum on London's housing crisis"

Sadiq Khan MP recently on social media

Sadiq Khan told the Labour conference that he would make the 2016 mayoral contest "a referendum on London's housing crisis".

The London mayoral candidate recalled buying his own home at the age of 24, but said young people today could not afford to do so, and that some were forced out of the capital by rising prices.

Speaking about a housing bill due to introduced next month, the Tooting MP said: "I will do everything I can to stop this bill.

He went on to say, home ownership is falling each year , and especially Londoners were feeling the brunt,flats were also sold off to overseas investors.

A new team housing experts would be set up,forcing big property developers to make 50% of new homes affordable, incorporating it into his manifesto framework, as mayor for London.    

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