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Common Floor India's Largest Property Search Portal , that keeps growing and leading in innovation .

CommonFloor initially started in a garage,as an apartment management solution provider by Sumit Jain, Lalit Mangal, Vikas Malpani and went on to be India’s leading real estate platform that combines property search, apartment management and vendor management and caters to a person’s complete residential requirements across 150 cities across India.

Lalit Mangal ,Sumit Jain and Vikas Malpani 

company culture at 

CommonFloor links neighbors who live in apartments by its CommonFloor Apartment Management System. Many apartments use this service for getting connected to the apartment community. CommonFloor launched its Mobile App for seekers in March 2013; to provide facility to search properties and also provide facility to list properties. CommonFloor launches National Consumer Sentiment Index a survey of 600 consumers in six metros and 15 tier-two cities across the country in 

October 2013.Real estate portal launches apartment management offering CommonFloor Groups,which provide apartment communities across the country better communication, management and coordination amongst residents, owners (residents or non-residential landlords) and Resident Welfare Associations .The company is famous for building bridges between neighbours in bangalore by apartment management system.

In April 2014 CommonFloor acquired (now integrated into flatchat), a startup that helps bachelors find a home for rent. CommonFloor Ranked first in start up ranking by alexa ranking and startup ranking.

On January 8, 2015, CommonFloor has received funding from Google Capital.

In Jan 2015 Common Floor launches the world’s first virtual reality innovation in real estate that is available to the masses , called Retina. This technological breakthrough offers ‘real’ property experience for the seekers allowing them to view and assess multiple properties from anywhere at any point of time. With CommonFloor Retina, the buyers will get an unforgettable experience and insights about the property from the perspective of space and ambience among other features.

  • Save time and cost to travel to see the model apartment. 
  • Brings alive the layout for a buyer 
  • Can understand the space, layout and the ambience of the property.
  • Experience the property even before it is built.
  • Saves builders the cost and space to construct a model apartment.

Jun 30 2015 Property portal invested $2.5 million in Flatchat, a mobile-only app for students and bachelors to find accommodation and flat-mates, the company said in a release.

Flatchat, a broker-free platform founded six months back by Gaurav Munjal and Hemesh Singh, enables chatting connectivity between a seeker, a prospective owner, a tenant to potential flat-mates and other seekers.

Flatchat is planning to use the raise capital to make its product team stronger .. 

August has introduced, what it claims to be, a "first-of-its-kind" innovative feature called the Locality Virtual Tour. This feature offers a virtual walk through of a neighborhood of any locality selected by user.

Property buyer can get 360 degree view or a street view of the location mapped on google maps (along with geo-code) this eliminates the need to visit the location in person which provides buyers a comprehensive perspective of the locality.

Commenting on the launch of this new feature, Sumit Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, CommonFloor, said, “After the successful launch of Live-in Tours feature, Locality Virtual Tour is yet another add-on to simplify the property search process and empower the customer’s with better information about the locality. By using both these feature, property buyers can save 90% of time by not visiting the wrong places. Currently, we have mapped 100 localities in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai on this feature and we intend to list out 500 localities across 10 cities in the next six months.”

Lalit Mangal, Co-founder and CPO, said, “We live in a world where getting a 360 degree view of the house is just not enough. When property projects are marketed, very few share details pertaining to the immediate vicinity. Brochures tend to not mention closeness of a project to places like graveyards or garbage dumps. This is where Locality Virtual Tour comes-in and provides eager property seekers with a panoramic street view of the area, helping them understand the nuances of the location before they purchase/ rent/ resale a new property or a plot.”

Live-in Tour and Locality Virtual Tours are the apt tools for CommonFloor to fulfill their ambition to reach every home and to map every home and locality, in the country. It works as an ultimate filter for property seekers, helping them visualize living in their dream home and in their preferred neighborhood. This will drastically aid them to shortlist prospective properties and eliminate the need of physically visiting the properties. The offering is live on and is absolutely free for the end-users. claims to have the largest number of genuine/ verified property listings with more than 1 lakh residential projects listed on their platform from over 200 cities. The platform has already mapped 10million homes and is committed to map every property in India on its platform. The Company has a team of 1000+ employees and their constant endeavour is to get the best talent to work with them.

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