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Zippr & forge partnership for even greater Smarter Real Estate Listings

The real estate portal ‘Commonfloor’ is now onboard as a partner with Zippr August 2015. For those who are unaware of the Indian property market, has become the leading and fastest growing portal in ever greater expanse of real estate space in India, with 1,00,000+ projects and 5,00,000+ property listings, in the last 3 years. CommonFloor Groups, which helps property owners to connect with residents, is now  hosting 1,00,000+ groups with 10,00,000+ residents.
Zippr TEam HQ hyderbad

  Aditya Vuchi  having already spent time in Silicon Valley with start-ups, Vuchi returned to Hyderbad  where Zippr startup was founded in 2013 , Zippr is 8-digit alphanumeric code that gives the complete address and precise location overlaid on a Google map. The app was developed by Vuchi who is also the CEO.after pilot project for the Telangana Government .The GHMC, has earmarked over a million dollars (5 Crorer Rs), in their budget 2015-16 to integrate various public utilities via Zippr for the city of Hyderabad. Other key members include Srikanth Sombhatla who is their mobile architect .

In 2014 Zippr received $1M dollars in funding,this round was led by Indian Angel Network including teh participation of a few private equity investors as well.
Zipprs are unique eight digit alphanumeric codes like YSMP1204 assigned to each location on a map, it can be shared with friends or vendors to avoid low value conversations, around finding an address and enables services to reach a customer in a jiffy.

Zippr can fundamentally change how a number of businesses that rely on addresses and supply chain information will operate and scale their operations. It will change how all of us, at a subliminal level will think about location and not worry about getting to places in the absence of local knowledge.
At scale, Zippr ls at the core of communication, often used seamlessly in situations without people even thinking about it actively. As we move towards smarter cities, a smart address is key to tomorrow's way of life and Zippr can contribute greatly to that tomorrow.

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Zippr can be downloaded Android PlayStore - APP  iOS AppStore - APP

Can this app transform India's postal chaos? -

Zippr's Aditya Vuchi hopes to fix the broken postal format in India's exploding economy. CNN: Why do you think India needs a service like Zippr? Aditya Vuchi: Newer localities, newer cities are now coming up much faster than even the postal department is able to keep up with.

Commonfloors partnership  is an example of Zipprs utility expansion potential into the real estate sector. When the app is launched, and a Zippr selected, you’re presented with the choice of listing that property on Commonfloor, straight from that very Zippr itself. The process of listing your space whether it be a villa, apartment, bungalow etc takes lesser than a minute to complete. The execution of which demands just 3 steps, namely providing ‘Basic Information’, a ‘Property Layout’ & its ‘Price and Availability’ details. 

After the fields are populated a confirmation call is made in order to cross check and confirm your listing. Your property is then listed on the Commonfloor website/database. And that’s not all! After the listing has been made you can search for that property via property name or Zippr straight from the Commonfloor search toolbar itself.

Zippr gives you the ability to list your properties and their locations on the fly, making it easier for your prospective clients to find you online listing on Commonfloor and physical location via navigation.

Zippr is currently present in 18 different countries with the focus in India. They have majority of usage from tier-1 cities in the country with maximum contribution from Hyderabad, company’s HQ.

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