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Marie's Question >Jeremy Corbyn The New Labour Leader takes his seat in the Houses of Parliament

Jeremy Corbyn MP Labours new Leader , took his seat in the houses of parliament , as he stood up he was greeted with a big round of applause and thanked the people, for electing him.

Prime Minster David Cameron MP congratulated him on his resounding victory and welcomed him to the front bench and future exchanges , he went on to say , they will have many strong disagreements , though they can work together in the national interest.

 Labour's new leader said he wanted the weekly parliamentary sessions and prime minsters questions (PMQS held mid weekly) ,to be less "theatrical" and Mr Cameron agreed there should be more focus on "substantial issues".

Mr Corbyn said he had sent out an email , asking the public for a call to questions, which would be  raised during PMQs , forty thousand replys were sent back with 2500 were on housing.Rules limit PMQs to six questions being be raised. Mr Corbyn asked about housing, tax credits and mental health service cuts.

The first question MR Corbyn chose to  ask PM Cameron,was from a woman called 'Marie' "what does the government indeed to do ,about the chronic lack of affordable housing and the extortionate rents ,charged by some private sector landlords, in this country 

David Cameron PM replied " We do need to see more affordable housing in our country  , we delivered two hundred and sixty thousand affordable housing units in the last parliament,we built more council houses in the past 13 years, than had managed. But i recognised much more needs to be done . that means carrying on the the reform system and encouraging the building industry to come up with innovative schemes like new starter homes and continuing to support the aspirations of young people which help to buy schemes come in , he went on to tell Corbyn,  "we won't get Britain building if unless we get our economy going."

Labour denied that Mr Corbyn's new approach - asking six different questions rather than pushing the prime minister on a single point - gave Mr Cameron an easy ride.

Minutes before the session began Labour sources confirmed that their leader, who believes in the abolition of the monarchy, would join in with the anthem at future official engagements.

"The questions were very direct and they demanded clear answers," a Labour source said.
Asked about policy differences that appear to have emerged between Mr Corbyn and his front bench, on welfare cuts and Europe, a Labour source said "lots of listening" would be done and some policies would be reviewed under the new leadership.

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