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Tech Start Ups that are, all about Property , Real Estate and YOU

Airbnb arrived on the scene in 2008, enabling homeowners to offload some of their costs by introducing a “sharing economy” approach to living and travel. As the sharing economy began to gain steam, other companies found opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Rentshare came on the scene in 2011 to tackle the problem of paying rent and other related bills, by “crowdsourcing” from various parties who live in the same home. Rentshare makes the process of paying rent easier, and it rids renters of a common problem: having to bug their roommates to pay their bills on time.RentShare works with any Landlord. Automatic Reminders and Autopay Options. Pay Rent Online with a Credit Card or Bank Account.

But what about the problem of finding a roommate you actually like?

Founded in April 2014, Roomi sought to fix that problem by providing a marketplace for roommates, and enabling better connections as part of a co-living community. Co-living is not a novel idea, but the ability to Find the right room Using easy tech, you can find the a roommate based on shared values, common interests, and compatible lifestyles.

Splacer, was launched in the U.S. in 2015, taking the Airbnb approach to a sharing economy a little further . Instead of a portal to discover rooms and homes to spend the night (or a few nights), Splacer offers rentals by the hour or day, targeted at people who want to host events, such as parties, off-sites, barbecues and art shows. Splacer, like Floored, is able to cover both residential and commercial real estate with its service. It’s an opportunity for home owners to save some of the costs of owning a home. For consumers, it’s a chance to find creative event space on the cheap.

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