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The number of real estate agency uk jobs slowing at a dramatic rate 5000 decline factors

The number of estate-agency jobs is slowing at a dramatic rate.

According to the Official Office for National Statistics data in 2006 there were 62,083 people registered employed as [estate agents /auctioneers], after the credit crunch and mortgages applications drying up and the help of evaporating finance.

By 2010 the with the economy in the doldrums and signs of a double dip recession, only 48,027 persons within [these] where left.

By 2012, there were 42,526 of them, and by last year there were 54,809, far more than were employed selling property during the pre credit crunch times.

This year 2015 there has been a further fall of 5000 estate agents to 49,965

Chart below is using data  (collated over 15 years) from the ONS who have categorised employment category under estate agents and auction houses.

The "renaissance" but with a twist , is partly due to, the " online revolution", a quiet but gaining movement  tepilo Iamtheagent easyproperty and urbanlettingsandsales  (there are many more also, with new onliners poping almost weekly).

(further reading ,on the rise in e-commerce )

These " other kind of services "are all estate agencies, that have grown is scale through public crowd funding , venture capital the free market, they don't advertise in print media anymore, even national daily's ,switched to the online platform,making more revenue, through eCommerce, preferring to do all their business online. Some say the rise of artificial intelligence is an added factor, robotising the industry , though many say savings and the efficiency, benefit the consumer in the long run. 

The other factors, are discussed in following articles below.

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