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To achieve online success, your website plan must be considered as a strategic project for your business. All of our clients have a monthly review and action plan allowing for continuous improvement ensuring direct action to be implemented online. Lexiconnect offers a comprehensive diagnostic process before major expenditure is undertaken to ascertain the direction of investment. here is the September 2015 list for the most visited UK sites, ranks 17 ,as most visited. has delivered more than 5.4 million visits and 2.5 million unique visitors to its site in the month of August according to internal Google Analytics numbers. This is a rise of 220,000 visits and 100,000 unique visitors over their July numbers.

Ian Springett, Chief Executive of, said: “In just seven months we have dramatically changed the portal landscape but this is still only the beginning.

“Our traffic, agent membership and property listings all continue to grow month-on-month. We remain confident that it's only a matter of time before we overtake as the No. 2 portal in terms of property listings and then focus directly on providing agents and consumers alike with a credible alternative to”

Looking at google trends, it can be seen that rightmove, zoopla and are clearly ahead of onthemarket, curiously what also seen is that, onthemarket traffic, albeit extremely small, in comparison to zoopla and rightmove faired better, prelaunch.

Springett continued "To build on this momentum, will be running its heavyweight TV advert campaign again throughout September. The TV advert will run more than 2,500 times in three weeks."

However forrester research shows online marketing is set to overtake TV

UK spends far more online than TV in comparison to its European counterparts and United States

However, using SimilarWeb to compare OnTheMarket with the number 2 placed Zoopla, there is still a long way to go to close the gap. In July, Zoopla had nearly 8x the number of desktop visits when compared to OnTheMarket.
Image result for semrush logo ranks number 85, in most visited sites uk sites using analytics site semrush click here

Above Chart organic traffic, charted over 8 months for the UK  1 rightmove  2 zoopla  3 primelocation and onthemarket last ,clearly seen, that organic search traffic on zoopla has risen since June 2015. 

Above Chart organic keyword traffic, charted over 8 months for the UK  1 rightmove  2 zoopla  3 primelocation and onthemarket last ,clearly seen, that organic keyword search traffic onthemarket has risen since June 2015, though is at a very slow rate.

Keyword research is a practice used by search engine optimization professionals to find and research actual search terms people enter into the search engines when conducting a search. Search engine optimisation professionals research keywords in order to achieve better rankings in search engines. Once a niche keyword is found, it is expanded upon to find similar keywords. The process is usually aided by keyword suggestion tools, like the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, which offer thesaurus and alternate keyword suggestion functionality. Most of the time the various search engines provide their own keyword suggestion tools as well which also include the number of searches made for each of those keywords. This information is then used in order to select the correct keyword depending on the SEO goals of the website. Around 20-25% of searches are of very specific long tail keywords entered into Google every single day it’s easy to rank said keywords, so long as you have a good amount of content and backlinks to match. Keyword research is a valuable and high return activity in the search marketing field.


From this analysis, a rough conclusion can be made,that if you are paying for subscriptions on these sites, it is more logical and cost effective, to remain on zoopla primelocation and rightmove.

Zoopla ,Primelocation and Rightmove have shown that their brand is known, through organic searches and will also provide, the greatest exposure for your listed properties, as an estateagent.

More Importantly the consumer is aware of the zoopla and rightmove ,therefore listed properties on these sites are more likely to be sold or rented / let out.

As the author , I would like to make known, I do not own any shares, or have any financial gain, contract (past or present), with any on the property portals, analytic companies mentioned in , this report.

A full summary of the analysis on each company can be found by clicking below using googledrive 

Rightmove ;PDF
Zoopla &PDF

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