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why Uber is good for london

"Private hire vehicles offer a different service, also with high standard but allowing a customer to choose who they travel with.

"This combination of taxi and private hire ensures that the needs of as many Londoners as possible can be met."
Mr Goodwill said "time does not stand still" for the iconic black cab, with the market changing due to new technology.

He noted the "industry must adapt" but change brings challenges, explaining TfL and other licensing authorities was faced with accommodating "21st-century technology in 19th-century legislation".UK Minister for Transport Robert Goodwill

Cabbies Supporters Myths debunked>

The vast majority of the proposals put forward by Transport for London(TfL) do not put Uber on an “equal footing regarding genuine safety and insurance requirements”. 

If they were implemented, customers would not be able to see available cars on Uber’s app, and drivers would not be allowed to work for more than one operator.

And some of the proposed rules could put the safety of Londoners at risk. While an Uber passenger has a complete record of their driver, their name plate, picture, and a record of their trip, a journey with a traditional cab is completely anonymous.

One of the most controversial proposals put forward by TfL - to require passengers to wait at least five minutes after booking before getting into an Uber car - would mean that people needing to get home instead have to wait on the side of the road.

" Uber drivers are subject to the same measures which govern the private hire industry, including background checks and licensing requirements.Mr Mead Uber European spokesperson 

Responding to criticism that Uber cannot ensure that its drivers are taking rest breaks 
"One of the advantages of a digital technology company is that you can see, to the minute, what they [drivers] are doing, and we tell them when they need to take a break."Mr Mead Uber Europe spokesperson

Forty intellectuals agree with Uber Business Model >

"When asked on the question of whether services like Uber makes us better off, top economists agree.>

For example, all 40 influential economists polled by the Chicago Booth School of Business thought they benefited consumers. In the words of 

Christopher Udry, a professor of economics at Yale: “This is a situation in which the simple economics are very persuasive.”

“Competition on quality and price helps consumers,” said Stanford professor Darrell Duffie. 

“We also have some evidence from revealed preference,” he said, referring to the willingness of consumers to pay for Uber trips.

The Uber user perks Your safe and Sound 


  • The Uber smartphone app is fast and easy to use. With a few swipes of a smartphone screen, users can hail an Uber cab within three to four minutes.
  • The app finds where they are by using the phone’s global positioning system and connects them with the nearest available driver.
  • Uber then texts customers when their cab arrives.
  • Customers can also view rates and enter pick-up and drop-off locations to get a quote for the trip. Users do not even need to use cash.
  • Once they arrive at the destination, the fare is automatically charged to their credit card on file, and a receipt is emailed.
  • Drivers take 80 per cent of the fare; the other 20 per cent goes to Uber.
 A journey by black cab from Trafalgar Square to Kensington Palace in London cost £15 on the meter.
The same four-mile journey with Uber was quoted at £7 to £10.

Uber Driver App

The Cabbies?
it’s regrettable that for those who have invested the time and money it takes to become a licensed black cab driver, some are facing job losses.

UBER London Cab driver's : Helpful tips for growing wave of new Cab Drivers Joining 

UBER London Driver 1st week

London Taxis protesting against Uber ( watch out for the last cab and the livery )

No industry is completely insulated from this process of “creative destruction”, where newer technologies replace old. And it’s not entirely regrettable that it does. Otherwise we would have many people working in unproductive industries that have long gone out of fashion.

Think of it like going back in time, Luddites, who in the 19th century took to smashing up mechanised weaving machines, having found that the cheaper machinery could easily perform a task they had taken years to learn.

Choosing not to embrace new technology might protect existing jobs, but it ignores all the new ones that could be created, and means that we would have to miss out on so many of the developments that make us richer.

Since Uber launched in London a year ago, it had gained 1 million users in the capital.

Transport for London (TfL) and Uber are seeking guidance on whether the taxi company's smartphones are considered meters, which are outlawed for private hire vehicles.

The phones use GPS and external servers to calculate the cost of a journey.
Uber has warned the plans will spell the end to the service its users "know and love".

London Mayor Boris Johnson said it would be "nuts" to ban the technology behind the app and called for black cabs and private hire companies to work together and "find a balance" for the benefit of the capital.

The company's drivers could be convicted and fined if the phones are seen as meters and Uber has asked its users to sign a petition about the possible reclassification.

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