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GRAND DESIGNS: RIBA HOUSE OF THE YEAR 2015+ Feng Shui Interpretation

The RIBA House of the Year is awarded to the best new house designed by an architect in the UK. The award, sponsored by specialist insurer, Hiscox replaces the previous title ‘RIBA Manser Medal’ which was created in 2001 to celebrate excellence in housing design.

The 2015 jury consist of Jonathan Manser, Chair, Manser Practice; Mary Duggan, Duggan Morris Architects; Chris Loyn, Loyn & Co, 2014 Manser Medal winner; James Standen, Hiscox and Tony Chapman, RIBA Head of Awards.

The RIBA and Channel 4 have announced a new TV series called 'Grand Designs: RIBA House of the Year', to be broadcast weekly for four weeks from Wednesday 4 November 2015. The programme will feature the RIBA House of the Year longlist with the shortlist announced during the course of the series. The RIBA House of the Year winner will be announced on screen on Wednesday 25 November. [below are the short listed houses

SUSSEX HOUSE Wilkinson King Architects 
photographer Paul Riddle 

FLINT HOUSE   Skene Catling de la Peña 
photographer James Morris  

KEW HOUSE      Piercy an Co 
photographer  Jack Hobhouse 

Ioana Marinescu , Noel Read , Tatiana Von Preussen  1/3 of vPPR Architects :)

LEVRING HOUSE  Jamie Fobert Architects 
photographer Dennis Gilbert 

photographer Aidan McGrath 

Music Aurora Runaway 
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Competition for the best home Projects in the UK in 2015, awarded by the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architetcs- Royal Institute of British Architects). The results will be known very soon - on 25 November 2015.
Well, I suggest you look at this event from the perspective of feng- shui and how to predict what kind of house can score more points and win the competition the best project at home. And I remind you that we are interested in, what kind of house most successfully designed from the perspective of fen- Shui, or in other words, in what fortune will visit the home of happy tenants often.
Of course, every house is chosen for a specific person, so one person can bring home more luck, and for the other way around. And yet there are some universal rules by which we can predict that the energy of "chi" would be easier to take in, so everything around the house and its tenants will be imbued with it, and it means good luck be with you!
So, your attention is invited to a few projects of houses with my comments in terms of the ancient Taoist system of energy flow in the space, that is Feng Shui. To distinguish one from another house they were called by their names, which will be shown in the original language, ie English.

FIRST HOUSE titled «Sussex House» (see photos below), different special open construction on the first floor, where practically glass walls, and at the same time closed the second floor. We can assume that in a house on the second floor will likely be located bedrooms, calmer with their Yin energy Jansky and the main energy is concentrated inside. In such a house is likely to be a lot of friends, the house opened as if to communicate to the human eye on the first floor. At the same time, finance is not likely to linger much in this house, if they are kept on the lower floors as the first floor too open. Although it is only one factor in saving money, and the rest you need to calculate directly next to the house with a compass Lopan. But from the positive, you can emphasize that the front of the house offers a wide space, which means opportunities for the development and prosperity of the residents in the house are large enough!
But in general, there is a harmony of Yin and Yana supporting the overall balance in the house. Therefore, Feng Shui home, you can put a note 4 to 5-point scale.

Second Flint house is made ​​in an unusual style mix of modernity with neoclassical.Strict style of the Middle Ages expressed as a wall decoration in stone, as well as the slope of the walls in the style of "a la Egyptian pyramids" give the house a historic features and all this combined with modern amenities complete the overall design of the fireplace and wide French windows. This style will suit lovers of historic home design, but from the point of view of fen- Shui extensive French windows do not contribute to the retention of Finance in the house, but on the other side of the window used only with one side of the house, and this effect will be less noticeable. And the slope of the walls in the pyramid shape is also not the best Feng Shui, because it cuts off the angles in space and forms the missing sector in space. Evaluation of Feng Shui at home - 3 to 5 point system.
Third House Kew House in my opinion one of the most attractive design, the house looks comfortable thanks to the natural wood trim on the exterior and an interesting solution penetration of light through small holes in the wall, which give the effect of a darkened or dimmed light and it creates a harmony of Yin and Yang energy. Also, it is quite stylish, in fact a very bright light paints a picture on the opposite wall, and at the same time illuminates the space of normal natural way of falling rays of the sun. A wide door to the house on the ground floor illuminated lamp also creates coziness among the dark of the night, because the large windows there are used in fragments, like a bunch of connecting two parts of the house, creating a smooth flow of energy from one part of the house in druguyu.otsenka Feng Shui at home - 5 of 5 point system.
FOURTH HOUSE Vaulted House is different already from the entrance, on the sides of the doors to the house are two plants that seemed to smooth out the uneven shape of the entrance and entrance itself from both sides surrounded by prominent buildings. Such a narrow entrance to the house of an obstacle to getting energy "Qi". This time the designers carry glass walls on the second floor of the house, allowing the sun's rays fall directly in the daytime into the house. Only, perhaps, it will create a great contrast Yang energy on the upper floors and closed Yin floors. It turns out that the house is the most energy fueled the sky than the energy of the earth and the space around. In such a house to live well the people involved in creative professions are not of a material nature, although the overall picture is quite gloomy in the house colors. Finally the house is not even the ceiling, similar to the beams that create the feeling of heaviness and the overhanging threat, and cut off some parts of the sector. Evaluation of Feng Shui house 2 to 5 point scale.
FIFTH HOUSE Levring, combines various features of the advantages of a cozy pool house, and if water is boiling and is in a good sector, it can even bring income to its owner. Among the shortcomings of Feng Shui, it is a long straight staircase along the wall, so long and straight design slows down the stairs getting qi energy in the upper floors. The windows in the house is also distinguished by the breadth of a vast and, although not a lot of windows and it even creates a harmonious combination with the adjacent wide wall without windows. Also, the house looks pretty colorful inside and outside, which gives it a certain charm. In general, due to the presence of positive and negative aspects of evaluation of Feng Shui - 3 to 5 point system.
Sixth House Maghera, gives the impression of a house in the style of minimalism. The minimum number of windows on one side and many windows on the other hand. This Feng Shui will work in different ways at different times, depending on the location and the good energy of the world. If the windows overlooking the sunny side, the light will penetrate into the house easily and create more energy Yang, and from the window will be created without a reliable rear. If on the contrary, the picture is reversed. Because of the good features of the house is not a big staircase, only 3 steps, which also creates a smooth power falling into the house. But the existence and the windows and doors of the same size makes it difficult to find the front door, but the door, as it were from the back entrance just more clearly expressed, and perhaps if only use it to sign, it would be the best solution for a building, or energy gotten the house will be scattered through the large windows and create a chaotic flow. Evaluation of the house -3 to 5 point scale.

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