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Economics of the United Kingdom Housing Market / private rented sector is not fit for purpose currently


Tuesday 8 December in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 3.35pm:
Betsy Dillner, Director, Generation Rent
Toby Lloyd, Head of Policy, Shelter
Duncan Stott, Director, Priced Out

At 4.30pm:
Dr Peter Williams, Departmental Fellow, Cambridge Centre for Housing

Professor Steve Wilcox, Centre for Housing Policy, University of York

Possible questions
The first session covers a range of issues including:

  • how young people and others feel about the decline in home ownership and increase in private rents ?

  • the impact of the Government's Affordable Homes programme on the people the witnesses' organisations represent ?

  • how the Government can make being a private tenant a more attractive option ?

The session also touches on the apparent transition from the Government subsidising rents via social housing to subsidizing home ownership using schemes such as Help to 

Buy and what the impact of this might be.

The second session focuses on:

whether the Government is likely to meet its house building targets whether planning laws and taxation levers should be further reformed to encourage housing building and discourage homes being left empty the possible impact of Right to Buy being extended to Housing Associations.

Private rented homes in England fail safety standards

Nearly 750,000 privately rented homes in England are failing to meet basic safety standards.

These can include problems with damp, electrical wiring or heating, or in the worst cases, homes declared too dangerous to live in.
Earlier this year the UK Government, wove legislation into the housing and planning bill , which would allow local authorities , to fine rogue landlords , with the prospect of facing a custodial sentence.

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