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Why UK Property Online Real Estate Agents really do have billon pound start up potential Says GOOGLE

Many of the dinosaurs within the property industry, continually pour scorn, on the 
growing success of online real estate business model, in particular ,valuing the start ups.

The unstoppable "consumer asteroid", that wiped out [their] primitive civilisation, has evolved into the sophisticated, cultural life form Online. 

The remnants of a dinosaur skeleton,extinct and paraded as a historic curiosity of time , in a London Museum.

BUT there's a genuine business buzz , with online real estate agents , I would go as far as to say Britain is at the forefront of this industry , including fin tech. The UK government's, recent full endorsement of the business model, was another nail in the coffin for the high street estate agent, business model.

Research from Eurostat also showed,the the UK is the e commerce capital within europe. 'Funeral' for High Street Estate Agencies 

AND NOW GOOGLE Eric Schmidt approval that UK has 100% potential to conceive a billon pound online tech startup. Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme , Mr Schmidt said that "Britain is the leader in e-commerce in the world, far ahead of the United States.

Business guru,visionary and entrepreneur Richard Branson commented earlier this year, new technologies or changing consumer habits could threaten future income streams.  

"Britain has every aspect to build billion pound, ten billion pound, hundred billion pound companies.

"You have the right regulatory environment. You've got the right role within [the European] continent. [Just] look at the e-commerce plays and service plays that are now happening in London.

Expansion within Europe 

"Europe is pushing on a European digital single market and in the timeframe of you building a small start-up, the Europeans will figure out a way of building a single digital market for your products."

He added there were no barriers to launching "a European-scale corporation that is larger than a US-scale corporation".

This brings me to the question , who will be the first online estate agent from the UK to start business operations within europe or further afield ?, , and emoov have all hinted at overseas expansion ,in their business plans.

Live Video Streaming & Google Glass

This year saw Emoov rolled out live video stream with a British mobile network operator and internet service provider, using their camera.Home owner Tony Singh , was also able to attract a lot more viewings via twitters periscope to sell his home.

Tech innovation like Google Glass and video streaming perfect synergy for business model

Online listings replacing shop windows and catalogues has been the realm of property portals Zoopla and rightmove with a combined ownership for 16 years.

Fast forward to periscope and video streaming with the apparatus that has been billed to take us all  to another level .The consensus by tech professionals,that it is on the verge of revolutionising not only    

One of the FCC’s images of the new Google Glass hardware Photograph: FCC/Google

real estate industry,  teaching, education medicine, fashion, emergency services , sport the applications are enormous.

Now the second version of Google Glass has been revealed, with Google opening that the often-mocked glasses can find success with an entirely new direction.The new glasses have a new processor and connectivity parts so that they will be able to run faster, as well as improved battery life to allow them to charge less and smaller .That is all packed into a bigger and more robust headset, which is waterproof and more resistant to getting broken .[ee camera offering is currently the size of 1980 mobile pager ,though ee mobile /internet service, could easily be bluetoothed /wified to google glass direct or via periscope ].

New google glass ,as well as packing in new internal parts wifi /bluetooth connectivity ?, Google is pursuing a new strategy for the glasses, looking to sell them to industry and workplaces rather than to the general public.And for online estate agent industry google glass, is one of the best business synergies.

“It’s a game changer,” says Steven Reilly, whose company, Vistabee (, is one of the leading providers of videos for property. They make thousands of videos a year, for Zoopla as well as other individual agents. for two years, however, they have started to make videos of homes using Glass.

Home owner is in control

The online estate agency model for the homeowner ,  filming the home showing via google glass live / pre recorded at an earlier date, gives the owner more control. The online estate agent doing a filmed listing ,visit is also viable. Freeing up the time for the owner buyer is another win win,   


Mr Schmidt said the key to any successful start up was the product.
"The only thing that matters is the product quality," he said.
And in the age of social media, "lean distribution models are replacing big marketing and advertising budgets".

This means start ups can compete more easily with more established, big companies, he argued.
"If you have three people and a vision, you should be able to raise funds from friends and family, crowd-funding and early venture groups," he said.

The key, however, was having a "strong engineering lead". Without someone with a vested interest in the company to build the app or technology product, start-ups tend to struggle, he said.

Having   >  someone  >  inhouse   rather than going to a third party developer, is vitally important, Mr Schmidt said [not "advisors" actual engineers coders front end back end full stack ..].The interview also touched on , how many UK tech startups ,selling up too quickly ,probably because they get fast money and not seeing the big picture.

The latter, is exactly what happened to industry pioneers

So watch this space, @onthemarketblog for more news in 2016, on this growing innovative online business industry where "some tech start ups" will grow up.. , where mergers, acquisitions , IPOs and even portal consolidation... [yes you heard it hear first] will be occurring.

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