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Purplebricks Group PLC PURP.L largest UK individual property brand spend of over £8m

Amazon has measured the TV, press, radio and outdoor advertising spend for  

easyProperty, Housesimple, Knight Frank, Purplebricks, Rightmove, Savills, Tepilo, Webuyanyhome and Zoopla. 

Over the 12 months from December 2014 to November 2015, the group spent around £35m on advertising.

It was that had the largest individual spend of over £8m with £6,226,531 being spent on TV and a further £1,856,135 on radio. Its competitor easyProperty spent £719,958 on TV, £67,288 on outdoor and £30,324 on press. Other online agents Housesimple and Tepilo also made the list of top property spenders. Tepilo spent more – £2,557,761 on TV, almost 25% of company estimated value , £107,012 on press and £64,980 on outdoor. Housesimple spent £819,433 on TV, £126,850 on outdoor and £66,702 on radio.

Property portal Rightmove  spent similar amounts with Rightmove spending £5,119,770 on TV, £228,319 on press and £1,625,760 on outdoor advertising .  Zoopla, which spent £3,860,981 on radio, £173,651 on TV, and £123,954 on press advertising.

Zoopla Knowing more TV campaign

High-end high street agents Knight Frank and Savills were also in the list, with Savills spending more than Knight Frank. Savills spent £2,021,170 on press, £5,684 on outdoor and just £711 on radio while Knight Frank spent £1,625,900 on press, and £8,390 on outdoor and just £137 on radio.

The totals spent show that TV was easily the biggest winner, attracting a spend by the big property advertisers of £22,193,331. Press advertising swallowed £4,634,135 of the budget, radio took a bite of £4,634,135, and outdoor had the smallest share at £1,898,952. Though research has shown online spend is greater in europe and tv advertising on the whole on delcine.

agents mutual who has been behind a disastrous ill fated tertiary property website [ no association what so ever with this official blog] has supposedly spent £5,807,165 on TV and £497,116 press .This is contrary, to what Eric Schmidt of Google  has said lean distribution models are replacing big marketing and advertising budgets".

It [spend] would also suggest the financing raised in this bonfire of vanities project, is running out / heavily depleted and support waning daily. Not even their sponsored banner industry dinosaur cohorts can save them ,who constantly adhere to their darlings, party line.

Old property industry two bit experts of yesteryear 

In doing so[ they ]are seriously, damaging the evolutionary growth of the real estate industry , the great reputation of the British business tech economy " which is determined by the consumer " might I add ,not what the industry concur between each mutual loving agent." 

The CMA is continues to monitor cartel such behavior...

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