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Alison Platt CEO CountryWide PLC High Street Estate Agent > Debunking the Myth of Corporate PR

The Dual image of Alision Platt CEO CountryWide PLC

When reading the news it often brings you Joy, Sadness, Happiness or Surprise , the latter is what I felt, when reading the Article titled  

"Countrywide chief Alison Platt: The former air steward who's flying high at helm of Britain's biggest estate agent "

The article starts off by making you imagine, what the country’s biggest estate agent; what sort of person comes to mind?

Is it a smooth bloke, bouffant-haired with an all-year tan, wearing a pinstripe with, naturally, a silk hankie in the pocket? Or is it a woman, all bustling, big hair, plenty of gold, power suit and padded shoulders? 

HMMmmm NOOooo ......

Leanne Fuller 'O Grady at

lets not forget years of experience, in estate agency, from a dedicated purplebricks team 

Lisa Karabas at emoov 

lets not forget years of experience, in estate agency, from a dedicated Emoov team 

Having listed  examples of people [ notice I haven't  mentioned men or women ] , who are employed by leading online estate agents with " years of estate agency experience" , whose teams don't have bouffants and who just show their real photograph...

Three people on the CountryWide Plc board, excluding her, have been an estateagent

Though Grenville Turner, has actually sold a house,Turner was the chairman, who flouted The UK Corporate Governance Code.  

Today there are also many high qualified educated experienced CEO,s and board level inclusion. 

Dame Carolyn Julia McCall DBE  born 13 September 1961 is a British businessperson, and the Chief Executive of easyJet. part the easyGroup that also own .

Barclays Bank Ireland  Sasha Wiggins  CEO

The corporate world their is no sympathy  , adding personal background history to win hearts of minds of an investor driven business , is contrary to what they want to see and not hear about.

There is also a huge talent pool for boards and companies scouting for talented individuals. 


The Boardlist is a marketplace for female board talent. Designated endorsers, who are mostly tech investors and executives, recommend women who are qualified to serve on corporate boards; startups can cull the database to find candidates. “Most startups have independent board seats, and too often those board seats go empty because founders don’t get around to filling them,” says Cassidy, who also is CEO of video-shopping startup Joyus. She wants to make it easy for founders to fill those seats by selecting from more than 1,000 qualified female candidates. 

There are now 200 endorsers drawn from companies like Airbnb, Lyft and eBay as well as venture outfits like Greylock Partners and Accel Partners.
By describing your northern roots and climb up the corporate ladder, to paint a lighter profile [ pun intended] , working at a company like BA for 14 years is nothing to amplify over the speaker phone . 

While at BA, Platt says, she learned to put the customer first. “I joined as a management trainee but that only lasted about 18 months.
Lord King  [He was  directly involved with the "dirty tricks" campaign waged by British Airways, against Virgin Atlantic.] and Sir Colin Marshall arrived to turn the airline round and said ‘if you haven’t got a proper job, you can find one or leave’.She continued with BA, as an Air-stewardess,though goes on to say I joined British Airways and spent 14 very happy years there. ,Platt returned to management, moving into sales.

BA during eighties and early nineties ,  had the most bitter and protracted libel actions in aviation history going on , with a resulting and humiliating climb-down by BA.Virgin Atlantic disruptive, lower fare ,airline carrier boss Richard Branson had survived an incredible dirty tricks campaign by British Airways  higher fare traditional airline carrier. [Not  insinuating Mrs Platt was involved at all in the above wording, BUT it's hardly something to be associated with ,from a company with such a dark history at that time of employment.

Today low cost carriers, now take the bulk of air travel ,Ryan Air and easyJet to name a couple. 

Bupa was relatively small when I started there [1994 > 2012 ]and didn’t have a great reputation for looking after its customers — similar to BA. By the time I left, it had become 10 times bigger, had a brilliant brand, a global brand rather than just a UK one.”

At Bupa, “I did multiple things. I ran the UK insurance side for a while. I turned it round from loss into profit. I spent time in its private hospitals business. We divested that, which gave us a fair amount of capital to invest in growing the business overseas.

Bupa private medical care insurance, has come in for some heavy criticism over recent years. [ the below stories, are a damning indictment of the unscrupulous business practices, over many years before , despite coming to light, in recent years]

Judge's anger as he accuses Bupa home of putting cash before care as grandmother, 90, dies after neglect

'Urine-soaked' patients at Bupa Crawley care home

Bupa's £2,000 'bribes' for members to use the NHS: Campaigners say medical insurer dumps patients on health service because procedures they need are most expensive

Poison, bedsores and agonising death - so much for Bupa 'care'

Gran, 91, left to die in agony in BUPA care home

Private health firms get unfair tax advantage to outbid NHS, say campaigners

However, the company [countrywide is back on track — it issued a profits upgrade on Thursday.  HMMMthe company shares have been in free-fall since May 2015 

examples of people "known for achieving", not known for coming from North , or because of their accent 

Kirsty Doyle, fashion designer
Project Catwalk winner Kirsty Doyle set up her own label in 2006, the same year as graduating from Liverpool John Moores University. Rather than go to London, Kirsty has based her studio in Liverpool such is her passion for the city. She has already received national recognition and secured lucrative contracts with both Littlewoods and Liverpool WAG boutique Cricket.

Anne Robinson, TV presenter
The ‘Queen of Mean’ presenter of BBC game show The Weakest Link and host of Watchdog, Points of View and Outtakes.

Anne Josephine Robinson was born in Crosby, the daughter of a market trader mum, and spent two decades as a newspaper reporter and columnist, including on the ECHO, Daily Mail, Sunday Times and Daily Mirror.

She [Platt] smiles a lot, is modest, self-deprecating, down to earth, speaks with a Mancunian accent.


Platt has double cause to celebrate: she’s just been announced as a non-executive director of Tesco (she’s also on the board of Cable & Wireless Communications, 
board )

Tescos problem's 

  • Group litigation fund Bentham Europe has gathered institutional investors who believe they lost out when the retailer admitted overstating its profits by £250m.

  • Shares in the company plunged by more than a fifth in September 2014 when Tesco issued its third profit warning in weeks, saying it had uncovered a 'serious issue' within its accounts.

  • Extensive evidence' revealed the group 'intentionally delayed' payments to suppliers in order to make its own financial position look better than it was, Groceries Code Adjudicator Christine Tacon's inquiry revealed.

  • Tesco escaped a financial penalty because this power was only given to the Adjudicator after she launched her investigation.In the 84-page report, Ms Tacon said: 'The length of delays, their widespread nature and the range of Tesco's unreasonable practices and behaviours towards suppliers concerned me.'I was also troubled to see Tesco at times prioritising its own finances over treating suppliers fairly.'

  • Debt get rid of assets to fend off speculation that the supermarket's debt - which was standing at more than £20bn - was becoming a problem. The South Korean sale goes some way to alleviating the business's balance-sheet strain.Speculation was growing that without significant sell-offs, Tesco might need to raise fresh capital from shareholders - never a happy prospect.And with much of its debt needing to be paid off or refinanced over the next five years, down-payments now were increasingly necessary to spark an improvement in the supermarket's credit rating.That is important for Tesco's financial health, as a better credit rating means that it can borrow money more cheaply and pay less to insure itself against the possibility of default.At present, two of the most important credit rating agencies, Standard and Poor's and Moody's, have Tesco at the lowest rating - "junk".
Alison Platt, the chief executive of Countrywide , has made clear her belief that the transformation of the agency group to become more retail-focused is the correct path - and that there are similarities between selling houses and selling groceries.

However ,David McCorquodale, KPMG head of retail With Online sales increasing by a whopping 8.2% compared to the 2014 festive period, it’s safe to say Christmas was an online affair for 2015."“The ease of signing in rather than walking in, combined with increasingly smooth running of logistics and fulfillment networks, is also good news for the consumer but the retailers will have to reconsider the role of the store and the store associate if they wish to reverse the drift to the online channel.”

Tesco was a surprise: “They came to me.” As it happens, she’s expecting the Cable & Wireless role to end as its purchase by Liberty Global goes through. Being on the board of the supermarket giant appealed to her.

“There’s so much we can learn from how Tesco work, in their branches and in digital, how they’re customer-focused.”

Weirdly, the group’s current woes added to the attraction. “If you’re going to do something like this, you don’t want it to be about maintenance management. It’s the perfect time to join because the management challenge is massive.”

what the public think and not what the management think..

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While that’s slowing, other areas are racing ahead. “The stuff we’re excited about at present is our classic Bairstow Eves patch in east London. Crossrail as well is going to create commuter zones which were not there before. I think we’ll see a very healthy property market in areas of what we call ‘real London’.”

So why do estate agents have such a poor public image? “They should have a much better image, given the importance of our homes to us.

“What we want to become is the organisation that you look at and trust every time, because we bring professional expertise and we couple that with fantastic empathy. The organisation that really pulls that off will set a different standard and will win.”

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