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Best of Both Worlds ,Social housing: tenants will need to live in an area for four years : the United Kingdom’s special status in a reformed European Union

A white paper on why the UK will be stronger, safer and better off by remaining as a member of a reformed EU has been published.

In the topics of housing ,new tenants trying to get council and other social housing ,are to be required to live in the local area for four years instead of the current two, according to the document, published Yesterday [22/02/2016].

Titled, The Best of Both Worlds – Our Special Status in a Reformed EU,the paper makes clear that the change in the “residency test” will not just apply to new migrants but also anyone moving within Britain.

onthemarketblog highlighted some interesting entries  

2.107 Domestically, we will deliver changes to the allocation of social housing. Our statutory guidance already makes clear local authorities in England should require a person to live in a local area for at least two years before they are considered for social housing. This is aimed at ensuring sufficient affordable housing is available for those amongst the local population who
are on low incomes or otherwise disadvantaged and who would find it particularly difficult to find a home on the open market.52 We will extend this period to 4 years.

Unemployment benefit

2.108 Our new settlement confirms that in future the UK will not have to pay means-tested unemployment benefits to EU nationals who come here as jobseekers.

2.109 At its peak in 2013-2014, we estimate that we were paying nearly £700 million a year to out-of-work EEA nationals on Jobseekers Allowance and Housing Benefit alone.

110 Since early 2014 the UK has been clamping down on the benefits EU jobseekers can claim when they come here. We completely ended access for EU jobseekers to UK Housing Benefit, and introduced a three-month residence requirement before they can claim other benefits including Jobseeker’s Allowance, Child Benefit, and Child Tax Credit. After that point EU jobseekers can only claim those benefits for a further 3 months, unless they find a job or can prove they have a genuine prospect of doing so in the immediate future.

Reducing burden on small businesses 

Challenging whether new regulation supports innovation. Regulations must be flexible enough to meet the demands of the modern economy and new technology.

2.47 This offers the UK’s small businesses the prospect of being freed from the burden of unnecessary regulation, helping to release their potential for entrepreneurship and growth,while being able to take advantage of the export opportunities offered by the Single Market.

The report consists of 45 pages , forwarded by Prime Minister, David Cameron MP

Signing of 

When it comes to Europe, mine is a hard-headed assessment of what is in our best interests,not driven by some emotional attachment.

I have certainly had my doubts about the EuropeanUnion as an organisation and I still do. 
But the question for me as Prime Minister is what isbest for our country. How do we make our country stronger, safer and better off?

My recommendation is clear: I believe every family, household, business, community and nation within our United Kingdom will be stronger, safer and better off by remaining inside this reformed European Union

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