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ex husband was deliberately run over in car, by estate agent multiple times

  • Johnathan Leuty said he 'snapped' before trying to mow the victim down.

  • Dramatic Video footage captured the attack, which took place in Cambridgeshire,UK.

  • He was sentenced to four years in jail at Norwich Crown Court on Friday.

An estate agent, has been jailed for four years after admitting he deliberately ran over his girlfriend's ex-husband multiple times.

Johnathan Leuty, 34, of Malt Drive, South Brink,  was arrested on October 30 last year after he called police to admit what he had just done.

Jailed Johnathan Leuty 34 of Wisbech Cambs was jailed for four years on Friday

Police received a call at just after 11.30pm from Leuty saying he had attended Rose Fair Close to visit his girlfriend, but her ex-husband was there and was blocking the doorway, preventing him from entering the flat.

Officers attended and found a man lying in the middle of the road after having potentially been run over.

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Leuty called police again and said that while waiting for officers to arrive, he was provoked by the victim and had 'snapped' before running him over with his car.

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Leuty made his was to Wisbech Police Station ,where he was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, driving while under the influence of alcohol and attempted murder.

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In interview, Leuty stated at the time of driving towards the victim the first time, he expected him to move out of the way and that he hadn't wanted to kill him, but had wanted to cause him some harm and knew by driving at someone it was likely to cause serious injury.

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CCTV footage [below] showed Leuty reversing his car then drive directly towards the victim, causing him to roll across the bonnet. He then turned his car round and drove over the victim, dragging him along the road under the car for a short distance, before stopping and reversing which released the victim from under the car.

CCTV footage shows Leuty reversing his car then drive directly towards the victim, causing him to roll across the bonnet.

The 30-year-old victim then hobbled across the road and hid between parked cars before Leuty rammed them in an attempt to injure the victim further.

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DC Simon Rust, from the Fenland Serious Crime Team, said: "This was a horrific incident which could have ended in the victim losing his life.

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"It is clear from Leuty's full admission of the incident that he feels great remorse and regrets his actions, but it just goes to show how disputes can quite easily escalate and get out of hand, and how these actions result in very serious consequences."

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Leuty appeared before Norwich Crown Court today (Friday, February 19) where he was sentenced to four years in prison for causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent and one year in prison for dangerous driving, to run concurrently.Johnathan Leuty

PARDUS HOMES LIMITED, estate agent, was a Private Limited Company, set up by Leuty of WISBECH ENGLAND in 2014, he was also the director. By August of last year, the company was dissolved , two month's later he was arrested for the crime above.     

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