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International companies could flee from London if the UK severs ties with Europe finds survey

David Cameron calls EU referendum for June 23 2016 Official Statement @onthemarketblog

Up to 200,000 workers could leave London if the UK exits the European Union, resulting in a huge correction in ,commercial property prices, research has found.

A study conducted exclusively for The Telegraph by property data group, Geophy found that a predicted exodus of international companies from London if the UK severs ties with Europe could bring up to 1.6m sq m of commercial property back onto the rental market – and could mean price corrections of more than 35pc in some areas of the City of London.

The research looked at how international companies could look to reposition themselves post-Brexit, focusing on US and Asian banks and financial services companies who currently have offices in the capital.

By Teun Van Den Dries

PropTech  a new wave in the startup ecosystem. It’s great to see innovation in the property market gaining sufficient momentum to be defined as a distinct classification.

From a founder’s perspective, people (user, partner, investor, etc) generally expect you to have a boilerplate response of about 1-2 sentences that clearly labels you in terms they know and understand. The startup bit is easy, but it becomes less clear after that. 
At GeoPhy, we use ‘Big Data’ because it at least offers an indication of the underlying tech. We add ‘Real Estate’ to make sure that they can make the link to the correct industry, but is usually translated as ‘new site with vacancy listings’ as opposed to what we actually do.

We’ve also tried hitching a ride with the whole FinTech classification, but the property market is not really perceived as a natural fit there. Although we disagree if we look at what we offer our clients, that’s not a struggle we expect to win by ourselves. So PropTech it is.

The great thing about the property industry is that it is so low-tech that anything beyond excel and email is considered innovative. 

The sheer amount of inefficiency, misinformation and unnecessary intermediaries make it a prime target for disruption (fourth buzzword in one post, apologies…). The tough thing about the property industry is that everyone is pretty entrenched, with a very high resistance to any change.

Most of our fellow PropTech companies focus on a part of the industry (vacancy listings, asset management, leasing management), all of which were generally set up by people from the industry seeing an opportunity to improve a current process. We’re also following a number of companies doing very interesting new stuff, redefining how you get property loans or how you fund development.

Our strategy is more along the lines of the second group than the first, we’d rather push creative destruction instead of incremental improvements. It’s going to be very interesting seeing how the ‘PropTech sector’ evolves.

Top 75 Commercial Real Estate Technology Companies.

1. VTS Leasing and Asset Management, Centralised For Performance.

2. Hightower Powering Your Leasing Success.

3. CompStak A Massive Lease Comp Database. Nationwide, Accurate, Searchable.

4. RealMassive The Only Commercial Real Estate Listings Exchange Where You’re In Control.

5. ReThink Real Estate Business Management Software for Commercial and Residential.

6. LiquidSpace Instantly Find and Book The Best Space To Do Your Best Work.

7. Floored Floored Creates Interactive 3D Models For Real Estate.

8. RealConnex Capital. Investment. Services. Find, Connect, Network And Transact.

9. WeWork Platform For Creators. Create Your Life’s Work.

10. Where Real Estate Is Moving.

11. Cadre Technology-enhanced Real Estate Investing.

12. Reonomy Validated Powerful Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Search.

13. The first real estate information platform for city-wide property &market data with beautiful, immersive 3D maps.

14. Honest Buildings The New Standard in Operations, Design and Construction.

15. Asendix Commercial Real Estate CRM on Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

16. 42Floors Discover and Create Your Dream Office.

17. Digsy Find Office Space in 24 Hours.

18. Piinpoint Validate Your Location In Seconds.

19. PivotDesk Welcome To Your New Office.

20. OpenBox We deliver custom software solutions and services to owners and operators of real estate.

21. ClientLook Simple, Smart and Intuitive Commercial Real Estate CRM.

22. ProspectNow Access 100 Million Property Owners.

23. RealNex The Portal To Access All Of Your Tools and The Market.

24. HiRise Space On Your Own Terms – By The Seat Or By The Suite.

25. Apto Your Entire Brokerage In The Cloud.

26. Spacelist Find Your Space.

27. TheSquareFoot The Technology Fueled Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.

28. OfficeSpace Find Your Perfect Office Space.

29. HerbFront The Nation’s Only Legal Verified Cannabis Property Listing Platform.

30. ResiModel Revolutionizing How Multifamily Deal Information Is Shared And Analyzed.

31. Rentlytics Optimise Your Multifamily Portfolio.

32. Rescour Automated Market Research for Commercial Real Estate.

33. TermScout Your Premium Sales Intelligence Application.

34. TheNewsFunnel Real Estate News, Personalised.

35. MotionLoft Analytics For The Physical World.

36. PropertyCapsule Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Cloud B2B Platform.

37. CubeCities Floor – Level Building Visualization.

38. TradeAreaSystems Sharing Knowledge – Growing Retail.

39. BuildScience Building Management At Your Fingertips.

40. PropStack #1 Source for Commercial Real Estate Intelligence.

41. coUrbanize Shape The Future Of Your Community.

42. Xceligent Fully Researched Commercial Real Estate Information.

43. Brevitas A Private Marketplace For Commercial Real Estate.

44. OppSites Find Underexposed Development Opportunities.

45. ReMeter Benchmark Your Tenant and Lease Transaction Like Never Before.

46. LeaseMatrix Lease Analysis, Perfected.

47. BuildingOps Connecting Building Managers To Service Providers Through Real-Time Bidding.

48. NewDirt Targeted Site Submittals.

49. Rifiniti SaaS Enables Customer To Reduce Wasted Office Space.

50. WiredScore Connectivity Delivers Tenants.

51. SiteCompli Cut Compliance Costs Through Compliance Monitoring.

52. RealDataManagement Portfolio Management Simplified.

53. SkyRiseApp Community For Commercial Spaces.

54. RentHub We Know What Apartments Are Worth.

55. AssetDynamics Cloud Based Cash Flow Projection Software Platform for Commercial Real Estate.

56. Robinpowered A Better Way To Manage Your Conference Rooms.

57. LeaseQuery Lease Accounting Simplified.

58. OfficeRank Real Estate Meets Big Data.

59. AssetAvenue radically Rethink How Real Estate Loans Are Sourced, Underwritten And Funded.

60. F9Anylitics Providing Superior Property Finance Intelligence To The Commercial Real Estate Community.

61. RealBlender Where Commercial Real Estate Meets Intuitive Search.

62. LCP360 Changing The Way We View Space.

63. NotaryCam Sign It For Sure.

64. Catylist Provides Commercial Information Exchange (CIE) Solutions For Real Estate Organisations and Brokerage Firms.

65. RailYard Fast Internet. Compare Services From Competing Providers.

66. Breather A Place To Work, Meet or Relax.

67. Realync A Cloud-Based Platform That Facilitates Live Virtual Property Tours and Agent Interaction.

68. IRent Search and List Residential and Commercial Rentals For Free On A Map.

69. StoreFront Find Your Perfect Storefront From Thousand Of Ready To Move In Listings.

70. MonaNetworks Communication Makes Better Places. Start Communicating.

71. Griddig Bringing Office Leasing Into The Digital Age.

72. OfficeApp Created To Make Your Office Experience Better & Easier.

73. ProposalNet Cloud based Tenant Representation Management Software.

74. RealStax Mobile, Real -Time Digital and Visual Data Applications.

75. PlanGrid The Construction App That Works For You.

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