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David Cameron's last PM's questions Highlights ,I will be willing you all.on thankyou

David Cameron made he way out of N10 for the last PMQS 

In a wise-cracking and sometimes emotional swansong at the Commons despatch box, the Prime Minister said he would miss 'the roar of the crowd' as he was cheered to the rafters by Tory MPs.

Amazing Wife

David Cameron paid tribute to his 'amazing' wife Samatha and joked that his diary was 'remarkably light' today as he was given a standing ovation at his final PMQs today.

Samantha and their children watched the scenes with from the public gallery as glowing tributes were paid to his 'public service' and achievements in office

Samantha Cameron arriving back at Number 10 after attending last Husbands PMQs

Mr Cameron congratulated Mrs May on becoming the next prime minister.

And he added: "When it comes to women prime ministers, I'm very pleased to be able to say pretty soon it's going to be 2-0 - and not a pink bus in sight."

Apart from the task of executing 'Brexit', May must try to unite a divided party and a nation in which many, on the evidence of the vote, feel angry with the political elite and left behind by the forces of globalization.

Labour's Harriet Harman visits Brighton in her pink bus during last year's general election campaign

The PM was referencing Harriet Harman's notorious 2015 election campaign vehicle - and he poked fun at Mr Corbyn and Labour, adding: "We've both been having these leadership elections.

"We got on with it. We've had resignation, nomination, competition and coronation. They haven't even decided what the rules are yet.

"If they ever got into power it'd take them about a year to work out who would sit where."

Mr Corbyn replied: "Democracy is an exciting and splendid thing, and I'm enjoying every moment of it."

He compared Mr Corbyn's leadership to a scene from a Monty Python film.

He told the Opposition leader: "I'm beginning to admire your tenacity. You're reminding me of the black knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail.

Asked by MP during his final weeks role as PM in the parliamentary questions session ,whether EU citizens might have their right of residence revoked or be deported when Britain leaves the EU, Cameron said there was "absolutely no chance of that happening."

Despite the serious backdrop, there was an atmosphere of hilarity in parliament as Cameron traded humorous jabs with beleaguered opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Guaranteeing EU citizens rights .The government is working hard to make sure European Union citizens can stay in Britain following its vote to leave the bloc but it will depend on reciprocal rights for Britons in Europe, outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday.

"We are working hard to do what we want, which is to give a guarantee to EU citizens that they will have their rights respected, all those who have come to this country," he said.

"The only circumstance I can ever envisage a future government trying to undo that guarantee would be if British citizens in other European countries didn't have their rights respected. So I think it is important to have reciprocity."

Light Diary

He told the House to laughter: “Other than one meeting with HM the Queen my diary for the rest of the day is remarkably light!”

And he also addressed the question of why Larry the cat is not going with him when he moves out - and "the rumour that I somehow don't love Larry".

He explained: "I do and I have photographic evidence to prove it."

love for Larry the cat

Proof of his love for Larry the cat was posted on Mr Cameron's Twitter account. Former Chancellor Ken Clarke was among those who paid tribute to Mr Cameron's mastery of the Commons chamber

During the closing statements of his speech ,the prime minster thanked all members on the benches for their work in the houses of parliament and went on to saying , I will be willing you all.

David Cameron's Final Speech before leaving Downing Street with Wife Samantha and children

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