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Mayor Our city is United - Aftermath Munich shooting - what's been confirmed by Authorities in Germany

When and where?  Friday from 17:50 am in front of a McDonald's in the Hanauerstraße the OEZ in Moosach. Clear could be given until 2 o'clock in the night.

Victims: Nine dead (six youths, three adults), 27 injured, ten of them seriously injured.

Alleged perpetrators : A 18 year old German-Iranian from Munich, who then committed suicide

Number of police forces: up to 2,300 on Friday, currently 800 policemen and investigators

Comments received emergency calls:  4310 to Saturday 24 AM

Initial findings of Munich Police 

After the shooting at the Olympia shopping center, police have made public on Saturday at a press conference backgrounds to action: According indicate initial findings indicate that it was a rampage killing  during the terrible events that unfolded yesterday .resulting in a total of ten deaths. Mayor Dieter Reiter expressed his dismay, Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer sent  bereaved 
condolences. Several planned major events in Munich have been canceled.

Police: Evidence classic example of shooting rampage ,running amok 

The cordoned off area outside the Mcdonald's restaurant where the gunman came out shooting passers by indiscriminatley

At a press conference at noon the Munich police announced further details on sequence of events and the perpetrators. "We are after all previous cognitions dealing with a single perpetrator," the Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae. "We have found no reference to the issue of refugees and no connection to the IS. Instead, we have a first indication of a Amoktat "Andrae explicitly stressed:". I would like to thank the people very friendly, had great understanding for the police action. A big thank you also to all the forces, even to those who were added outside of Bavaria. "Overall, had on Friday night 4,310 emergency calls in the Munich police received which fulfills 

fatalities ,investigation for premeditated murder.

The nine victims of the violent act  carried out yesterday ,according to the police from Munich and the surrounding area, the latest victim was a 15, the oldest a 45 years old. Among the dead are three women. The tenth death, the perpetrator himself, lived in Munich. 

"The perpetrator had a pistol of the brand Glock , 300 rounds of ammunition in his backpack," said Robert Heimberger, President of the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation. Last night, the apartment of the offender was searched, who lived in the Maxvorstadt with his parents. 

"We have no evidence of him having a ISIS background or motivation, but evidence of the gunman storing many stories of shootings," says Heimberg. The Munich I Public Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation for premeditated murder.

Our city is United  

Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter said of the events: "We are all appalled and shocked by the terrible deed. Our thoughts and sympathy are with the victims and their families and friends. My sincere thanks go to the police and all those involved in the emergency services, who did outstanding work "

He continued:
" Today is a day of mourning - not of celebration.. Therefore, all urban festivals and celebrations for this weekend are canceled. Many small businesses have also followed suit. These are difficult moments for us in  Munich. I am impressed by the great helpfulness and solidarity of the people of Munich. Our city is together. "

Today 14:00 against Mayor riders and the Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer will lay a wreath at the Olympia shopping center.

Early Saturday afternoon put Mayor Dieter Reiter, the Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann , President Barbara Stamm wreaths  "The brutal and inhuman murder fills us all with grief and horror. This is a heavy blow for the capital and for the whole of Bavaria. Our thoughts in these difficult hours with the victims and their relatives. For the solidarity and compassion that we have experienced around the world, we are grateful. That gives us comfort and strength. Now is the time to clarify the background to the killings as soon as possible. We must do all we can to defend our security. Without security there is no freedom.  The combined efforts of police and emergency services, I give my thanks for their quick and professional use. 

In today's special meeting of the Cabinet, we will discuss what conclusions should be drawn from this attack. "

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