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Wall is still on Table Trump discusses border wall with Mexico, payment not mentioned , Nieto denys wall conversation

In campaign rallies for the Nov. 8 election, the New York businessman frequently tells approving crowds that Mexico must pay for his planned wall.

Pena Nieto told Trump that Mexicans deserved respect.

"The Mexicans in the United States are honest. ... Mexicans deserve the respect of everyone," he said, standing next to Trump.

Mexican opposition politicians heavily criticized Pena Nieto for hosting Trump, who has accused Mexico of sending criminals and rapists across the border and cheating the United States on trade.

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A few dozen people gathered beneath a monument to Mexican independence in the center of the capital to protest the visit, some holding placards emblazoned with captions such as "You are not Wall-come" and "Trump and Pena out."

Trump's visit to Mexico City took place hours before he was due to deliver a highly anticipated speech in the border state of Arizona on how he would tackle illegal immigration if he wins the election.

Although after trump left for Phoenix  The mexican tweeted the following