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KATY PERRY Brit Awards 2017 mocks Donald Trump, Theresa May Housing Crisis

KATY PERRY performs her single chained to the rhythm at the BRIT AWARDS 2017 ,Slaming President Trump and mocks, Theresa May on Housing Crisis in the UK.Using two Skeleton effigies , that were used to mock Donald Trump and UK PM Theresa Mays special relationship . 

The UK state visit by Trump scheduled this year ,including meeting the Queen Elizabeth II, has already been heavily criticized by both MPS and 1.8 million plus signatures by the UK general public, against a state visit by Donald Trump .There is currently a housing crisis in the UK , with four of the major house builders monopolizing new build house prices and building plots of land. 

Coupled with housing shortage an increasing number of homeless are living on UK streets says charity Shelter. 

Brits Awards 2017: Katy Perry takes a dig at Donald Trump and Theresa May during Chained To The Rhythm performance
KATY Perry took aim at Donald Trump and Theresa May while performing her new single at the 2017 Brit Awards.