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GPS Fareed Zakaria GPS CNN GPS Fareed Zakaria Global Public Square 09 04 2017 Fareed Zakaria GPS GPS Fareed Zakaria gives his take on The Recent Trump Administration Missiles strike on Syria and the Assad regime , Former General David Petraeus discusses strike against Syria under the Assad regime, did the Syria strike send a message to North Korea communist dictator Kim Jong-un .

Iranian leaders criticism of Donald Trump decision to strike Syria ,two experts on Iran Robin Wright contributing editor the New Yorker reporting extensively on Iran and Karim Sadjadpour senior fellow at the Carnegie endowment for international peace , discuss with analyse with Fareed .

United Nations officials are calling it the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945 happening right now ,108 million people face crisis level food insecurity today .Paradoxically foreign US aid which helps millions of people around the world including nations on the brink of starvation , this food shortage is being compounded, by The Trump administration plans of drastically reducing foreign aid funding ,with Trumps America First Policy. Fareed Zakaria reaches out with a message for 45 th POTUS ,The President of the United States Donald J Trump .

This Week Donald Trump held a summit with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, at Trumps fee paying commercial country club Mar a Lago. New York steak and Dover sole where on the menu at dinner , but with strike on Syria the event was overshadowed , news on the meeting got buried , two guests discuss what the future holds for the relations between, the two biggest economies of the world, United States and China. Graham Allison Director of the Belfer Center at Harvard Kennedy School and Elizabeth Economy , Director of Asia Studies Council of Foreign Relations discuss ,are the China and US destined for war ?

The United Kingdom and Spain two NATO members 5th and 14th largest economies, are in a spat over a piece of 2.6 square miles piece of rock Gibraltar , Britain took it from Spain war during the war succession , in 2002 people living in Gibraltar decided to stay under UK sovereignty . Though with Brexit referendum the population voted unanimously to remain within the European union , Fareed gives his succinct take on the situation which is currently unfolding between England , Spain EU negotiations after Theresa May Conservative government triggered article 50 . 

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